Top 4 Reasons to Buy Beard Oil

Shaun Schwartz

I’m just like you. Growing up I never even knew that beard oil was a thing. However I also used to look at my dry, patchy, itchy beard in the mirror and wonder why I wasn’t growing the full, soft facial hair like the guys I was seeing online and on TV. Once I started looking in to beard care, I discovered beard oils and things changed for me.

If you know that you need something to improve your beard growth experience, but need some clarification on why you should buy beard oil, I’ve listed my top 4 reasons below:

Your beard is patchy

I think most of us have been there at some point in our beard-growing lives. We look in the mirror every morning, turn our face to the side, and wonder why those little patches won’t fill in.

Often times we place the blame on age, genetics, etc. While it’s true there are many factors at play, if you haven’t used a quality all natural beard oil on a regular basis, you are selling yourself short.

A natural beard oil will nourish your hair follicles and the skin beneath it, promoting growth of stronger, fuller hair. Slowly but surely, those patches will fill in, and you will be left with a beard worthy of showing off.

Your beard is itchy

One of the biggest deterrents to men growing out their facial hair is the dreaded beard itch. You may think that this is an unavoidable side effect of growing a beard, but that doesn’t have to be the case. When you decide to buy beard oil, you are investing in a more stress-free and comfortable beard growing journey.

The reason your face itches when you’re growing out your facial hair is because the new hair growing in is sapping your skin of its natural oils. Eventually, your skin dries out and begins to flake, which causes itchiness and dandruff. Now because the skin has dried out, your facial hair will begin to dry out as well, leaving you with a tumbleweed on your face. Have you ever put a tumbleweed on your face? Neither have I, but it can’t be comfortable.

From the day you buy beard oil and first apply it, you should start noticing improvements in your skin and facial hair, and the itchiness should soon start to subside. Your beard won’t become super soft over night, but with regular daily application of beard oil, you will notice huge improvements in very little time.

Your beard looks unkempt

Growing a beard can lead you to looking one of two ways – Strong, respectable and refined, or like a raving lunatic. Unfortunately it’s far too easy to go the route of the latter without proper upkeep.

As your beard grows out, if left unchecked, those hairs will grow in all sorts of directions, in varying lengths, and will go wherever they feel like going. It’s almost as if each strand has a mind of its own.

While there are different ways of keeping your beard looking tidy, one of the most basic foundations is a good, natural beard oil, which will help your facial hair grow in stronger and more even.

In the early stages of growing your beard, all you really need is a good beard oil. The beard oil will do a great job of keeping your beard tamed. You should note that once your beard starts to grow longer and more full, you may need to introduce more beard care products in to your repertoire to really keep it tidy.

Your beard doesn’t look full

The reason for this is a result of the 3 previous reasons to buy beard oil, and it’s based around a little beard growth secret that I’ll fill you in on.

When your beard starts to grow, the hair growth tends to start creeping below your jawline and down your neck. When trimming and shaping their facial hair, so many men will shave the hair off below the jawline.

There are different reasons for that. Some men feel it looks cleaner when their jawline is defined by their beard. However, a more common reason is that those hairs growing down towards the Adams apple cause a huge amount of itchiness. To make things worse, when hair is growing on the neck (but not yet full grown), it tends to appear patchier than when the hair is growing on the face. These reasons often drive men to prematurely shave these neck hairs off completely.

However the reality is that when you allow those hairs on your neck to grow in fully (typically just around the Adams apple), it gives a look of a much denser, fuller beard.

By using a natural beard oil regularly, make sure you massage the oil not just on your face, but below your chin on your neck. This will relieve you of that nasty neck-beard itch, and allow the hair to grow in stronger and more evenly. This will minimize patchiness, and without the constant itch, you won’t even pay attention to that area, meaning it’ll grow in before you even realize it.

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully that means you’re on board to buy some beard oil!

You’re in the right place. Beard Game Strong premium beard oil is a blend of all natural oils that provide incredible nourishment to not only your beard and facial hair, but the skin below it. Using this beard oil regularly will keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy, and keep that beard growing in thick and strong.

Our Signature Blend beard oil is a must try. Gently scented with all natural essential oils, you will love the sweet citrus crossed with a subtly spicy musk. It’s a scent that is designed to delight but not overpower.

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