The Many Benefits of Natural Beard Oil

Shaun Schwartz

It might sound extravagant, but the use of natural beard oil will actually keep your facial hair moisturized as well as the skin beneath it healthy and strong. Some bearded men aren't interested in styling their beard, but it's important to note that the primary purpose of beard oil is not for styling. It is a treatment to keep the skin and hair healthy, nourished, and on point.

Below we look at the benefits of natural beard oil and why it's the foundation of a regular daily beard care routine. 

Nourishes and Hydrates

When you grow a beard, you should know that the hair absorbs and saps moisture from your skin. As a result, your skin becomes dry and broken if you do not replenish those natural oils your skin produces. Natural beard oil is the best solution; it nourishes the skin and hair to make it softer and more manageable. Unlike in other beard oils, natural beard oils have no fillers (like water), chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can react with your skin negatively to cause irritation and redness underneath.

The beauty of beard oil is that you can start using it at any time, even when you have little to no facial hair growth. In fact, this is the best time to start using beard oil, to prime your skin and to promote strong and healthy hair growth at the earliest point in your beard growth journey.

Tames Flyaway Hair

Beard hairs grow at different angles and lengths. Depending on individual preferences, some will prefer styling their beard while others will leave it to grow as it pleases. Using beard oil will make your beard hairs softer and easier to manage, especially in cases where you prefer uniform lengths of your beard hairs.

It is however, essential to note that, the choice of beard oil you make is a crucial factor. Natural beard oils are very effective and are unlikely to cause side effects to your hair and skin as compared to other unnatural oils manufactured with chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Prevents Beard Itch and Dandruff

If you do not use beard oil, the result will be cracked skin that results in an itchy beard and dandruff. Excessive scratching of the dry dead skin beneath your beard will cause dandruff and skin flaking. By using natural beard oil, the skin beneath your beard will be moisturized, hence helping to stop both the itch and dandruff. 

Helps Your Beard Grow

Get this right! This does not mean that after you use beard oil, the next day you will wake up with a full thick beard. This is not what we mean when we say that beard oil helps with beard growth. It means that the use of natural beard oil regularly, as part of a beard care routine will nourish the hair, hence preventing split ends.

Regular, daily use of a natural beard oil will promote the growth of stronger hair follicles. The solution to patchy hair growth is a solid beard care routine with an all natural beard oil as the foundation. The oil promotes healthy skin and helps the hair follicles to flourish and prevent ingrown hairs.

Additionally, one of the biggest reasons many men have difficulty letting their beard grow longer is for the reason mentioned previously, beard itch and dandruff. Without the use of a quality, natural beard oil on a daily basis, the skin will become dry and cause itchiness. This constant need to itch will often drive many men to trimming their beard prematurely, or shaving it off altogether.

Particularly as the hair starts to grow below the chain and down the neckline, the skin around that area can be very sensitive. Once the new hair starts sucking the moisture out of the skin, it can become itchy and irritated when not moisturized and nourished correctly.

By using a natural beard oil regularly (once to twice per day), it will prevent that itchiness which will allow you to continue to grow your beard longer and thicker without interruption.


Most natural beard oils contain fresh natural essential oils, with scents that can last throughout the day. You can be sure that your beard will smell fresh and clean all day depending on the different kinds of essentials oils added. Harsh, unnatural aftershaves with chemicals can be overpowering, but with natural beard oils, they are gently scented with a fragrance that is subtle yet pleasant. 

Beard Game Strong beard oil is scented with purely natural essential oils to give that signature scent that is a little sweet, citrus, with a hint of spice and just enough musk to give it that masculinity. 

Helps Pores and Inflammation

If you have particularly sensitive skin, then natural beard oils are the way to go. Many unnatural beard oils with silicone and synthetic ingredients may cause you redness and irritation underneath your beard. They may give a shine or shimmer to your beard that you may like the aesthetics of, but may lack the nourishing qualities of a natural beard oil (which is the primary reason to be using a beard oil in the first place).

Natural beard oils do not interfere with the production of sebum and are highly unlikely to clog the pores.

The oils used in Beard Game Strong beard oil primarily rank low on the comedogenic scale (meaning they are not prone to causing clogged pores and breakouts), and are great for the treatment of dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin.

The Takeaway

There are so many benefits to using a beard oil, but make sure what you put on your face, in your hair, and on your skin is all natural. Beard Game Strong beard oil is formulated to provide incredible nourishment and benefits both for your skin and for your facial hair. We all want our beard game to be strong, and we're here to provide you the foundation for that. Beard oil is the starting point for any solid beard care routine, and we've put a lot of effort in to producing one of the best you can buy!

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