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Top 5 Halloween Costumes for the Bearded Man

It’s that beautiful time of the year again; Halloween. And with that comes parties, trick or treaters, pub crawls, events, you name it. The beard is a perfect accessory that can make a costume even more identifiable. Why not stand out amongst the rest this Halloween and put your scruff to good use. Today I explore The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for the bearded man. 1. Thor from The Avengers The God of Thunder. The alpha male of the avengers, Thor. His beard may be one of the most iconic features of his character. Chris Hemsworth’s adaption of Thor brought the classic full beard style to the forefront. Get a red cape, some armour and an enlarged hammer and you’re...

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Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

For a lot of men, maybe even you reading this, beard care products may be a foreign subject. I know for myself growing up, my dad, or any of the men I knew, didn’t use any sort of beard care products. No beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, beard shampoo, beard conditioner. None of that. For all I knew, none of these products even existed. I think this was the case for most of us, as there just seems to be a boom of awareness and understanding of beard care in the past handful of years, at least in the mainstream. With this being the case, it’s only natural for anybody unfamiliar but interested in beard care to have some...

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Facial Hair in the Workplace

Every man wants to have the ability to let their facial hair grow out at some point in their life. Whether you’re a construction worker, a financial analyst, an intern at a marketing firm or a plumber, you want the freedom to push the limits of your beard growth. But how can you accomplish such a feat, while at the same time looking classy and professional? Here’s the scenario. You either have an existing beard or in the process of growing one. You’re nervous about the decision to not only start developing some facial hair but look clean and “put-together”. Allow me to give you some tools to navigate through the world of facial hair and professionalism. Rule #1: Buy...

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