Fall Fashion Guide for the Bearded Man

Chris Gray

Fall is my favourite season by far. Not only do I love the weather and the beautiful imagery of the leaves turning colour, it is in my opinion the best time for fashion. There are so many options with layering, jackets, sweaters, flannels, etc. And for us men who love to rock our facial hair, comes many dos and dont's. Of course, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, this is just my opinion on the best possible fashion choices for the bearded gentlemen.

Fisherman Sweaters

Beard Game Strong Fisherman Sweater

Every facial hair-wielding man should own at least one fisherman’s sweater. This type of fashion item was literally created for bearded men. Its classic, comfortable, easily worn for a variety of occasions and can go with any type of pant. It screams “rugged classiness”; which is what I feel should be the goal when you’re rocking your beard.


The Flannel

Beard Game Strong Flannel Fall Fashion Guide

I think everyone knew I was going to have to add this item into this article. It is a timeless fashion piece engraved in the soul of bearded men all across the world. The carpenter, the lumberjack, the construction worker, maybe you? All men need to have a flannel shirt in their wardrobe, and what better time than Fall. They are warm, easily incorporated into any outfit and consistently look good with facial hair. I almost feel weird wearing a flannel shirt without having some form of stubble on my face. For shorter men, I’d try wearing a flannel shirt opened up with a plain white t-shirt underneath. For the tall men, try wearing an oversized flannel buttoned to the top this season. Either or, this style is perfect for Fall.

Solid Coloured T-Shirt

Beard Game Strong T Shirt Fall Fashion Guide for Bearded Men

You can never go wrong with a plain-coloured tee. I believe the darker shades go very well with a beard. The Fall reminds me of shades of brown, dark orange, black, heather grey and dark green. Try to pair your t-shirt choices with the colour of your facial hair. For instance, dark-coloured hair goes fantastic with black, burgundy, dark brown and green. Light-coloured hair goes well with white, heather grey, khaki, navy or dark blue.

Absolutely No Zippers

Beard Game Strong No Zippers Fall Fashion Guide

In case you didn’t notice, none of my Fall-fashion suggestions involved zippers. This is because zippers are the devil to any man with facial hair. It is our kryptonite. The proverbial moth to the flame. Here’s why.

Facial hair can easily be caught in a variety of things. None more common than the zipper. And when that occurs, my god does it hurt.

Mock-neck sweater, zip-up hoodies, track-jackets, they all scare me. Now I can appreciate rocking one of these items when your beard is in its infancy-stage. But when you get anywhere past that, please be careful.

Getting a strand(s) of hair caught in a zipper is like someone slowly and methodically ripping a piece of you from your body. Additionally, your face is sensitive. Look after the hairs that grow on it.

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