Facial Hair in the Workplace

Chris Gray

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Every man wants to have the ability to let their facial hair grow out at some point in their life. Whether you’re a construction worker, a financial analyst, an intern at a marketing firm or a plumber, you want the freedom to push the limits of your beard growth. But how can you accomplish such a feat, while at the same time looking classy and professional?

Here’s the scenario. You either have an existing beard or in the process of growing one. You’re nervous about the decision to not only start developing some facial hair but look clean and “put-together”. Allow me to give you some tools to navigate through the world of facial hair and professionalism.

Rule #1: Buy a handheld mirror.

Every man should have a handheld mirror that they can use while shaving and shaping their facial hair. It is essential to be able to look at the angles of your beard to evaluate your chin, cheek and neck lines. You are evaluating your facial structure from the side to determine the best angle of your lines and edges. Hold the mirror in one hand, while standing in front of a front facing mirror. With the other hand, use your electric or straight razor and trim away.

Rule #2: Be practical.

The reality is not everyone is blessed with the genetics to grow a full, dark, luscious beard. Please, for the love of god, do not grow out un-even, patchy facial hair. Play to your strengths gentlemen. If you are goatee-strong, maintain that area to the best of your ability. If you are chin-strap strong, grow out that area and maintain the cheek lines.

There is nothing worse than seeing a man with a long, scraggly beard with patches everywhere. Even while wearing a suit, you are still going to look unprofessional and lazy.

Rule #3: Use beard oil.

The backbone of growing strong, healthy facial hair is beard oil. As men, I believe we get embarrassed by the idea of vanity and looking after one’s face. Worrying about your hair and skin is reserved for women or members of boy bands, right? Wrong. Grooming your face is important, and could be the reason your beard isn’t hitting up to par.

If you are going to own anything while growing out your facial hair, it's beard oil. Using a product such as the Signature Blend, Beard Game Strong Oil is essential to maintaining the overall health of your facial hair and skin.

The vitamins and all-natural ingredients contained in the product help moisturize, soften and refine your beard’s growth, so that it is much easier to maintain and shape.

Trust me, your face will thank you for it.

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