Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

Shaun Schwartz

Does beard oil help growth - beard game strong

For a lot of men, maybe even you reading this, beard care products may be a foreign subject. I know for myself growing up, my dad, or any of the men I knew, didn’t use any sort of beard care products. No beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, beard shampoo, beard conditioner. None of that. For all I knew, none of these products even existed.

I think this was the case for most of us, as there just seems to be a boom of awareness and understanding of beard care in the past handful of years, at least in the mainstream. With this being the case, it’s only natural for anybody unfamiliar but interested in beard care to have some questions.

Beard Game Strong specializes in very high quality, well blended and formulated beard oils, and probably the most common question I get from those who are not familiar with beard oils is “Does beard oil help growth?” or “I’ve always struggled to grow a big beard. Will your beard oil get me the beard I’ve never been able to grow?”.

I’ve touched on this in other posts before, but here I’m going to address this question head on.

The answer is yes. It’s also no. It all depends on how you’re looking at the situation.

Is beard oil a rapid hair growth supplement? No. Beard oil is not a miracle worker. It cannot expedite hair growth exponentially. If your beard typically takes a few months to grow in full and thick, splashing on some beard oil likely won’t cut that growth time in half.

From my experience what a beard oil can do is create an illusion of more rapid beard growth. Here’s what I mean by this:

When you’re growing out your beard raw, meaning no use of any beard grooming products like an oil or a balm, you can really feel the effects of that beard growth. You will feel the itch. You will see the skin start to flake and the hair start to look more dry and damaged as it grows out. All of these negative effects will cause your beard to constantly call attention to itself.

With the use of a quality beard oil, especially at the earliest stages of beard growth (even pre-stubble), you will minimize or even negate the beard itch, the skin flaking, and dry hair. That beard oil is going to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. It’s going to allow those beard hairs to grow in without you noticing that they are even growing.

It’s like when you were a kid and you fell off your bike and scraped your knee. If you simply covered the wound with a bandage, eventually it would start to itch. You would scratch it, and pick at it, and it felt like forever until the scabbing stopped. You felt it all the time and couldn’t ignore it. However, if you had a good mom, and she applied some polysporin, the itch would go away, you would forget you even had a wound, and before you knew it, you were healed.

Now, can beard oil help with the quality of hair growth? Absolutely. As long as you’re using a quality product. Not all oils are created equally, and different types of oils have different pros and cons (we’ll go in to further detail about this in an upcoming series of articles). However, as long as the beard oil is using a blend of natural oils that are known for benefiting the hair and skin, you will see an impact in the quality of your hair growth.

Some all star oils to keep an eye out for in your beard oil include Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, and Shea Nut Oil. If the beard oil contains even a few of these, it’s a decent oil (depending on how it’s balanced). Our Beard Game Strong Signature Blend beard oil contains all 7. Just sayin’.

Remember when I said not all oils are created equally just a paragraph or so ago? This is something very important to understand.

These days there are lots of options for beard oils on the market. However, many of the products now available on store shelves aren’t actually “oils” at all. Many mass-market beard products being advertised as “beard oil” actually mainly contain chemical or silicone-based ingredients. Some don’t even contain any oil whatsoever.

It is very important to look at the list of ingredients in a beard oil before you buy it and rub it all over your face and beard. If you can barely pronounce the first couple of ingredients on the label (i.e. Cyclopentasiloxane or Dimethiconol) chances are they are silicone based. The problem with silicone? It doesn’t do anything for your beard growth or health. I’ll dig deeper in to this in a future article.

So, does beard oil help growth? Yes, as long as you understand what that statement really means, and as long as what’s in the bottle is actually oil.


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