Beard Game Strong Beard Oil Review by

Shaun Schwartz

Since the launch of Beard Game Strong and our Signature Blend beard oil, the response from the beard community, and men's grooming community as a whole has been fantastic. All of the support has been incredible and we're so happy that everybody has been gravitating to the brand and product so well.

We've been talking to gentlemen from all over the world, and our product has already landed everywhere from Toronto to California to the UK.

Recently we had the pleasure to send a bottle of our Signature Blend beard oil to Montreal, Quebec, to our friends over at They are specialists in reviewing men's grooming products who have gained a strong interest in beard care products, and we wanted their feedback on our beard oil.

What did they have to say about our Beard Game Strong Signature Blend beard oil?

Find out for yourself by clicking on their logo below to read their recent review about Beard Game Strong.

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