Beard Game Strong Beard Oil Now Available Online!

Shaun Schwartz

Beard Game Strong beard oil Signature BlendI am incredibly happy to announce that is officially launched and Beard Game Strong all natural beard oil is now available to purchase online! You can get your bottles of Beard Game Strong Signature Blend here.

But why only 1 product?
It's simple. I didn't get in to this market to push hundreds of SKUs hoping to find something that sticks. I've put a great amount of attention and detail in to hand producing a high quality product that I would confidently use myself (and I do).

The Beard Game Strong Signature Blend is a product of hours of experimenting and testing with different high quality, all natural oils. I spent the time and resources (including lots of accidentally spilled oil) to find the right combination and balance to go in to this beard oil.

Once I had the base formulation just right it was time to figure out what the "signature" scent would be. I wanted it to be something that represented the brand, and represented me.

One thing I knew was that I didn't want anything that was overbearingly strong. There's a lot of great smelling beard oils out there, however some can come off as a strong cologne. To me that's usually a sign that synthetic perfumes were used in production, and that's not what I was interested in producing.

After countless combinations of different essential oils, testing on myself, getting my wife's feedback, and going back to the drawing board, I finally stumbled upon the scent I felt was the best reflection of me, and of Beard Game Strong. A little sweet, a little citrus, a hint of spice, and a touch of manly musk. Multi-layered, and a little something for everybody. As a Libra I believe in balance, and I think I've found it in this concoction.

Don't worry though, I'm not planning to stick to just one product in the Beard Game Strong lineup. I do urge you to give the Signature Blend a try. It really is a great product. However there's more products coming. Plenty more.

I really wanted to start this brand off with a product I felt perfectly defined me, and set the tone for what's to come - Quality & Thoughtfulness. Two qualities I think every great brand should have.

I do understand, however, that people appreciate variety. We naturally like to test different variants of products. Different textures, different smells. I'm working on it.

I currently have more beard products in development. More oils. Beard Balms. Beard Butters. Anything I release will be hand formulated, tested, and produced by me (unless otherwise explicitly stated).

While the website is still under active development in terms of content, you can check back frequently for new additions and updates. I'm hoping to bring some great beard and men's grooming related content to this blog as well on a regular basis.

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If you've got any questions or comments, please email me directly at

Shaun M. Schwartz,
Founder - BGS Brand

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