5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Modern Man

Chris Gray

The best gift you can give anyone is your time. To allow them into your world…. BUT, if you don’t believe that, we here at Beard Game Strong have got some solid gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season. Ladies pay attention. We are giving you the golden goose in terms of gifts for your special guy this year. Here are the top 5 best gifts to get your man this Holiday Season.

Beard Oil

If your man grows facial hair, this is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a win-win situation. Your partner gets a great product to add to his grooming routine, his beard becomes softer and thicker, and you get to enjoy the benefits as well when you’re touching/kissing his face. No more scraggily hairs hitting your cheeks like razor blades when you’re getting intimate. And, it smells great! Not quite sold? Read about the many benefits of all natural beard oil here.

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A Trip to The Barber Shop

So many men get their significant other a trip to the nail salon or the spa as an easy, can’t-miss gift. Ladies, you can also do the same for your man. A trip to the barber shop to get a haircut and a beard line-up/trim is an amazing present. A high-quality barbershop is literally paradise for the modern man. It is a welcoming environment where men can get pampered; and who doesn’t love that? So, surprise your man this year with a trip to the barber. Most shops will have a gift card option as well.

Beard Grooming Kit

Whether it’s a new electronic razor for trimming and beard up-keep or a beard comb/brush, this is a “can’t-miss” gift for your man. These accessories are essential for any man’s grooming routine. A nice beard comb is also perfect for a stocking stuffer. It may not seem like much but trust me. Its classy and something that your man can bring anywhere. He can use it on his hair, his beard and use it in accordance with a beard oil or beard balm.

A Watch

This may seem like a simple idea, but it’s actually one of the best gifts you can get your man. Every man should have at least a few watches. They are an essential accessory to compliment any outfit. I have never been unhappy receiving a watch as a gift. Trust me, if you get him a good watch, he’ll wear it. It may only be on special occasions, but he’ll take pride in his new accessory. Get him one that compliments his lifestyle. More active? Try an apple watch or a Casio G Shock. Works in an office? Try a classic MVMT watch or a leather-banded Fossil watch.

Cologne or Body Wash

There’s nothing wrong with using Irish Spring or Axe Body Spray all year round, (okay maybe there is) but sometimes it’s good to make a switch. Get your man some new scents for Christmas. This gift idea is easy and can also make a great stocking stuffer. A store such as The Body Shop always has promotions on buying multiple body washes or colognes. Again, this is a gift that is also kind of for you… You literally get to pick the scent you want your man to smell like. Some other great affordable options are Fierce by Abecrombie and Fitch and Voyage by Nautica.

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